A Letter to Lilly (The deception of marriage)

Work on Lion Hearts is now well underway, with the excellent prose of Maree Ward Russell bringing chapter after chapter of romance, tragedy and adventure. I am very proud to be working with such an accomplished and successful novelist and prouder still to see my work included into the story in such a skilful manner.

It’s been a while since I published anything, so an apology for that – but here is a letter I wrote recently for the book – you will have to buy it to find out what chapter and how it fits, but for now you can have at least a taste. I hope you like it!

Lion Hearts will be out later in 2014!

Dearest Lilly,

Weep not this moment, bound by duty – but retreat all love and fall not to battle. The body may serve the wish of fate but a heart will always beat free! Your will cannot be signed to another, not by covenant, ink nor blood. Passion burns true from longing, while devotion cannot be forced.

I feel your burden as it would be my own, in obligation to the people without service to self. Their eyes see that which suits, as garlands made in hemlock. They wish not the grace of your happy heart, but feast hearty on your labour.

I call the morrow, for this day is dead, my heart in shreds and weeping. Yet my heart you have, as yours to keep with no need of bands to prove. The death of instance leads only to moments new as the fall of dusk calls only the dawn with hope. Let us wait our time, for it shall surely be, as fate cannot be so cruel.

I ride for you and ask only your token, my breath as drawn from your glory. In your name and by your honour I pledge my life, my freedom, my toil.

Blood cannot match the riches of gold, yet it be better to weigh my love than in wealth. I may fall but shall never falter; I may doubt but shall never give in. In times of health and those when ailed – in case of wealth and when yet still poor – to you I swear always my love!

By words he may swear, yet his heart knows only the business of contract. What sanctity the deceit of conquest, the deception of marriage by forgery of love.

The sweet warmth of a smile well meant, the touch of a kindly word – would he know these friends as we have known them, will he greet them as they deserve?

Darkness falls, but know the sun shall rise, for no winter may last through spring and we shall have our summer. Have hope my lady, for even a day lost to duty lasts only the time of sun in turning and such duty follows not to dreams.

I remain your loyal servant, now and forever,



You can find out more about Lion Hearts by clicking here! You can find Maree Ward Russell on Twitter @mibbymw and on her website here! If you like my work, you may like to visit my website here!

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14 Responses to A Letter to Lilly (The deception of marriage)

  1. Kira-beth Haynes says:

    Absolutely beautiful again Andrew. Can’t wait to read it when it comes out! It intrigues the soul to find out more about lion hearts!!! Genuine words from a genuine writer! Stunning!

  2. Well done, Andrew. I wish you much success with Lion Hearts! 🙂

  3. M.W. Russell says:

    One of your best letters yet Pan! It fits beautifully into the next Chapter! Wend xx

    • avbarber says:

      Thanks Wend, I feel very honoured by your words and very proud that this work will sit side by side with yours! Thank you for making Lion Hearts all it has become 🙂

  4. I think I just swooned.

  5. Marian says:

    A true passion… beautiful….

  6. georgeforfun says:

    congrats and best of luck

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