Of Autumn

Thank you for stopping by to read the latest Lion Hearts essay. A little bit of background can be found at the end (but only just a little bit).

How insidious this beauty as cloaks all ending, the reapers breath frosted by the first light of morning.

I ache for thee, as the bare limbs of oak should miss their cloak in winter. For no man can know love as I would know her, cruelty in distance yet warmth as swells my heart.

Moments as passed once so fleeting, lounge reluctant in their lethargy now. If this is waking, then let me sleep – for it is better to know you in dreams, than wake to a world without light.

Foul this biting cloth of carmine and blush – flaming in swirls as caught by the air. A spiralling tempest, on golden wings, from naked branches weep. No value have this gold of fools, in waves awash the path of man.

Rage these daemons as cast from Gehenna, their shadow in cloak of a bitter bleak sun.

I distance not in tread by foot but reach for thoughtless dreaming – drifting warmth of summer days and filled by times unending. Rise these tides as filled with hope and love. For you are my wings and I shall not yield to darkness.

Yet roused by impish horns and the baneful sighs of winter, as blustered by hades while shackled from my flight. Cursed to waking and time without dreams – an autumn to our summer, to thought without end.

I tread now the deceit of a dying season – wrapped golden in the rust of heavens tears. Beauty yet soured, as fallen these fruits of a time once warmed.

And so to longing, a new friend as found from old – in yearning of days as sweetened by summer and the warmth of your touch as felt by my hand.

Spring shall rise but for now I know winter – this moment shall pass, while it’s scars will remain.

How insidious this beauty as cloaks all ending, the reapers breath frosted by the first light of morning.

I am hoping that for a start, this essay aptly portrays my well known hatred for Autumn while not losing its over all meaning in the series as a whole.

Those who know my Lion Hearts work will be familiar with the story but for those who are not – Merek is a young knight separated from his true love by the crusades. In this instalment he has woken from a dream of his love to be surrounded by the bitter cold of an October’s day (and by his lonliness).

He tries to return to dreams so to again be with his beloved Lilly, yet he cannot quite succeed. With time he likens his hell to the cruelty of the season. He does not see beauty but instead death hidden by gold. He feels great loss while his heart is in torment.

This is not a warm and fluffy work but I hope that it does do justice to my view of Autumn, to Merek’s feeling of loss and to my aim to contrast the cliché of typical autumn art.

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2 Responses to Of Autumn

  1. Reblogged this on A Woman's Wisdom and commented:
    Another beautifully written essay from Andrew Barber…

  2. M.W. Russell says:

    “You are the Spring that I seek as winter’s breath takes from me that which my heart does yearn. That my Knight so bold could ever feel such pain renders me shaking in want, to bleed. Reach toward the summer of our love in each of your passing dreams. I shall find you in the dawning of Elsewhere – your maiden, your light your servant!” – Lilly.
    Already finding its way into another Lion Hearts chapter Pan – amazing as ever! Wend xx

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