Leaping Hearts

It’s been a while since I published twice in a week, but as I have a spare moment I thought I would post another new poem.

Leaping Hearts is taken from the Lion Hearts collection and will be one of the poems I perform with Maree Ward Russell when we tour this autumn.

For me, this work is light, bubbly and bright – it’s the sun breaking the curtains on a summer’s morn’ or a mild and fruity wine waiting to be quaffed! There isn’t a shadow to be found in sight!

There is a wonderful innocence about these words – the metaphor I have woven, should be obvious enough, and I have been deliberate in offering more than one possible meaning!

A comfortable rhyming scheme combines in tempo to bounce along nicely, presenting a pleasantly rhythmical flow. You can consume these lines as an easily digestible snack, or linger on each word and feast endless upon its meaning.

And so I leave you now, and ask only that you let me know what you think!

Leaping Hearts
In moments lasting with a smile,
With beating heart I wait a while.
Then from love your words be met,
Unto their sound with passions set.
And with a kiss from smiling lips,
Then waves in sail, with cresting dips.
Unto a moment, stirred by this,
And onward now to heaven’s bliss.
Before the whisper as summer blew,
Two leaping hearts sing I love you.
In moments lasting with a smile,
With beating heart I wait a while.

Leaping Hearts will be performed as a part of the Lion Hearts tour http://www.lionhearts-crusade.com and will be shared with schools through the Lion Hearts for Schools Project http://www.lionhearts-schools.com/

My writing partner in all things Lion Hearts, Maree Ward Russell, can be found here: http://www.mwrussell-books.com and can also be found on Twitter here: @mibbymw

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Finding Magic

I have another poem for you this week and a flight of fancy amidst magic and dragons

In 2014, my favourite author, Maree Ward Russell, will be publishing The Dragons of the Yew Maze – a fantasy adventure with all the light and dreamy imagery you need to escape the grind of daily drudge! http://www.mwrussell-books.com/dragons-of-the-yew-maze/

I remember reading C.S. Lewis as a boy and being taken by the adventure presented by a magical world where anything may happen.

In the years since, I have grown out of my school uniform, formed a few wrinkles and become weighed by life. But inside, a child still burns for that which seems lost, I still yearn candy stick forests and a house with a gingerbread roof!

Last year I had the very good fortune of stumbling upon Maree’s wonderful Castle Trilogy http://www.mwrussell-books.com/out-now/ and for the first time since those golden days lost to C.S. Lewis, I had found magic!

Can you imagine my thrill then, when I was given a sneaky peak of The Dragons of the Yew Maze! Cast with scales and fiery breath, heroes and villains and no small smattering of adventure – this is escapism in all of its glory!

Dragon Dreams is actually my second poem inspired by this work and like the first, conjures all the childish daydreams I associate with drifting through the light of a magical world.

I believe in worlds within worlds and oceans of fire, places of magic and flight without tire!

We may grow older but the child lives on – I still believe in magic!

Dragon Dreams
In glitter light
With stars that gleam
A dancing moon
And magic beam
As Dragons roar
While winged in sail
Cross honey seas
And mountains pale
With hand held tight
In flight of dreams
Warmed by love
And kissing streams
While venture night
Where witches brew
Come hero’s sword
And maze of yew

Maree Ward Russell can be found on Twitter here @mibbymw and on the web here: http://www.mwrussell-books.com

You will be able to hear this poem performed by Maree and I later this year on the Lion Hearts tour – http://www.lionhearts-crusade.com

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By a Rose

A new blog and yet another new poem – this is becoming a habit!

By a Rose is one of a number of poems I have written recently for a new Lion Hearts collection, which is to be taken on tour later this year.

I love this work, as for me it is the essence of Lion Hearts. Deeply romantic and provocatively sensual, it gently teases with an undertow of erotic metaphor.

The words spin tactile with rousing imagery, stirring the body while warming the soul. Kisses cast bare the passion of a moment shared and two hearts are entwined by their love.

As you would expect from any Lion Hearts work, there are no hard edges, there is nothing lewd or course about these lines. Instead, you are left to join up the dots for yourself, drifting without effort from the first line to the last!

By a Rose
Beauty as by a rose will bring,
As how my heart does warmly sing.
And for a kiss as burns these lips,
With thirst, the wine, in sweetest sips.
Then come touch, in tender hold,
In stroke, in brush, in ways untold.
By ebb and curl, by pull and heave,
We blend in love, we braid – we weave.
Come purist light and warmest swell,
In waves, then flood, in magic spell.
Beauty as by a rose will bring,
As how my heart does warmly sing.

This poem, along with the rest of the Lion Hearts poetry collection, will be published this coming autumn.

For more information about the tour, stay tuned to the Lion Hearts Website http://www.lionhearts-crusade.com/ and listen out for #LionHearts tweets from both mine and Maree’s twitter accounts @authorAVBarber and @mibbymw

I hope you enjoyed this work as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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Kissing’s Journey

It’s been a while since I published anything on this blog, as writing assignments, travel, and my day job have seriously curtailed my blogging efforts.

The following work represents a welcome return to poetic verse and some lines of which I am extremely fond. The work is very much inspired by the purity of love and the romance of a kiss.

In this modern era of in your face 18 rated eroticism and sexually explicit imagery, it is easily forgotten that the romance of sensuality, and the blushing encounters of a stolen kiss, can be so alluring.

For me, romance rules – that’s not to say I am in any way inhibited toward the course avails of raunchy metaphor, but simply to underline my preference for the enchanting and the magical.

This is the hearts of Lions, separated by oceans, united by love and joined with a kiss. Requited, sensual and romantic – the tender lines give meaning to faith in true love.

Kissing’s Journey
Upon thy lips a word does whisper,
Upon its sound, the breeze will hang
And to its meaning, a kiss shall muster
And to my ears, its meaning sang

Across the world, this kiss shall travel,
Crossing oceans and drifting sea
And to my heart your word will journey,
Bringing love from you to me.

And to the sun, a kiss returned now,
Through the heavens in warmth with light
And to the moon in kissing’s journey
Unto your lips with passion’s might.

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In Visit of Elsewhere

Forlorn, I tread forsaken of benevolence and lost to the sympathy of grace. By turn, each day, longer the next, yet still in missing of you.

Supine, in reflection of heaven, I cast eternal my body to the stars. I give not myself to death, but breathe in sanctity of peace and drift endless the plains of elsewhere.

As comes each moment, idle by darkling hour, I know not shadow, but walk amidst light – Sweet, these floral pastures, in purge of crimson, while washed in tides of green …

In visit of Elsewhere is exclusive to Lion Hearts members only! To read this work in its entirety please go to http://www.lionhearts-crusade.com and login! If you are not yet a member, please register, it takes only seconds to join and is completely FREE! Membership comes with full access to exclusive content, such as podcasts, interviews and essays.

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How Well do You Know Lion Hearts?

Maree and I are extremely proud to launch the first book trailer for Lion Hearts (See Here). To commemorate this event, we have devised a fun but tricky quiz.

To enter, simply email the answers to andrew@g2l-online.com  The entry with the most correct answers will win a signed paperback copy of “Me, My World and I” – Entry closes at midnight on April 30th (UK Time). In the event of a tie, the winner will be drawn from a hat.

How Well Do You Know Lion Hearts

1         To which king does Merek serve?

2         What does Lion Hearts, Coronation Street, Midsommer Murders and Emmerdale Farm all have in common?

3         Who plays the part of Lilly in the first book trailer?

4         Who is Lilly’s lady in waiting?

5         Including prequels and sequels, how many Lion Hearts essays are there (As of 12/04/13)?

6         Including prequels, what essay is considered the first in the series (hint, the essays are not published in running order)?

7         Who plays Merek in the first book trailer?

8         What is the title of the two part Lion Hearts ghost story published last Christmas?

9         In which essay does Merek declare “With a moment given to instance amidst columbine, I dream alike but wake the same”?

10     In which crusade is Lion Hearts set?

Have fun and don’t forget to send us your answers – even if you can only answer a few correctly, you may still win!

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I have been digging through the archive and stumbled on this, one of my earliest essays, what do you think? 🙂


This is a leaf, but not just a leaf, with colours of carmine and gold.

Rusted by the tears shed of a dying season and burned from the breath of dragons, it lays in evidence of an end and in wait of nothing.

I look closer now and my mind races in creative dreams of all that I see. For beyond the damp, cold material of life’s final breath, I see the beating heart of the world.

I see rock, molten with fire, as it oozes in cascade from life’s broken crust. This is the spear of Helios as it threads morning curtains to pierce the gloom of a shadow’s heart.

Acres of corn beneath burning skies open to meadows of saffron and lime. I am walking avenues of apricot, lined with the olive of willow, as I bridge oceans of lust and flame.

Chestnut and chocolate come together in…

View original post 81 more words

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