A Letter to Lilly (Of Autumn)

Dearest Lilly,

As I would miss to breathe the sweetest breath or feel my heart as not to beat, as shade would bite in frigid kiss and light be lost to shadow – I miss thee!

I count the passage of days in tread – Each moment unto the next and lost to the ramble of seasons. For I have known spring, as tied her cloak of emerald green, by blossom fair her crown – And I have felt the touch of summer, in foster of such gentle grace, in solicitude of life.

Yet now the light through cloud doth wither, upon these tears as washed by tide. The sufferance of gilding brush, and rust by time with carmine blush – the summer is all but done.

But should tomorrow fail to be, should the sun not rise on me – then still I smile at winter’s rush for I have known true love in brush.

In reverence of the stars, countless to the heavens, love shines exempt of distance and I shall always feel thee near. For I dance the blades of nights grey shimmer and leap in dreams of love.

In sympathy of hearts, I battle not for the glory of fools, but for the passion of one sweet kiss. For I would know peace in love, and this is my grail – your image my sword, your word, my glory!

Beyond parchment, as stained with tears – beyond battle as lasts these years, to a day with promise met – again our lips in touch and set.

No battle shall endless be, yet my love be endless.

Your servant,


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7 Responses to A Letter to Lilly (Of Autumn)

  1. Catherine Kirby says:

    Beautiful and lyrical. How lovely it would be to receive such letters but emails are more the stuff of modern communication – mores the pity! Well done Andrew!

    • avbarber says:

      Thank you for your kind words Catherine! I actually like the idea of returning to ink wells and quills – but I am guessing that just isn’t going to catch on 🙂

  2. Leanne says:

    Aw. Such sweet love flowing from this piece. I sometimes wish for days of ink on paper expressing feelings of adoration and true love… arriving in the mail. Now it’s all quick texts of “luv u” and such. Not very romantic, but I supposed the sign of the times, yes? Oh well. 🙂

    Nice work on this, Andrew!

    • avbarber says:

      Thank you Leanne, as always your comment is both very kind and extremely thoughtful. I agree that the modern age of key tapping convenience has robbed us of more than we may realise!

  3. RH Ramsey says:

    Your writing is unreal.
    Very beautiful!

  4. I love your blog!
    thank you for liking my post! 🙂

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