Finding Magic

I have another poem for you this week and a flight of fancy amidst magic and dragons

In 2014, my favourite author, Maree Ward Russell, will be publishing The Dragons of the Yew Maze – a fantasy adventure with all the light and dreamy imagery you need to escape the grind of daily drudge!

I remember reading C.S. Lewis as a boy and being taken by the adventure presented by a magical world where anything may happen.

In the years since, I have grown out of my school uniform, formed a few wrinkles and become weighed by life. But inside, a child still burns for that which seems lost, I still yearn candy stick forests and a house with a gingerbread roof!

Last year I had the very good fortune of stumbling upon Maree’s wonderful Castle Trilogy and for the first time since those golden days lost to C.S. Lewis, I had found magic!

Can you imagine my thrill then, when I was given a sneaky peak of The Dragons of the Yew Maze! Cast with scales and fiery breath, heroes and villains and no small smattering of adventure – this is escapism in all of its glory!

Dragon Dreams is actually my second poem inspired by this work and like the first, conjures all the childish daydreams I associate with drifting through the light of a magical world.

I believe in worlds within worlds and oceans of fire, places of magic and flight without tire!

We may grow older but the child lives on – I still believe in magic!

Dragon Dreams
In glitter light
With stars that gleam
A dancing moon
And magic beam
As Dragons roar
While winged in sail
Cross honey seas
And mountains pale
With hand held tight
In flight of dreams
Warmed by love
And kissing streams
While venture night
Where witches brew
Come hero’s sword
And maze of yew

Maree Ward Russell can be found on Twitter here @mibbymw and on the web here:

You will be able to hear this poem performed by Maree and I later this year on the Lion Hearts tour –

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12 Responses to Finding Magic

  1. Pete Boddy says:

    I feel all of it and more Andrew.
    A silver sword
    By an ancient ford
    To cast magic by

  2. Anne Glenn says:

    Simply wonderful Andrew. Thank you for sharing.

  3. nikki says:

    Yes indeed Andrew it takes you back to your childhood, yet reminds you that although we may age outwardly feelings of our youth remain and I still love all things magical. Beautiful x

  4. Myth and magic is my forte for sure. I love all things mystical and dragons in particular. The dragon riders bring thoughts of Ann McCaffrey’s ‘Pern’ books, which I adore. Your post was thoughtful and kind. It drew my attention to some great books and treated me to a lovely poem, too

    • avbarber says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and with such kind words too! Maree really brings her dragons to life and they can and indeed are ridden – I think you will love the book when it comes out 🙂

  5. suefortin says:

    Love the magical, ‘happy ever after’ feel to this.:-)

  6. M.W. Russell says:

    As Dragons fly and bows do sing, men do battle for love and King. Ancient breath burns with fire, wings of flight rise higher & higher. Brave of heart reach the dawn, ancient heroes will be reborn. Come the magic with summer’s haste, close your eyes and simply wait!

    Thank you for paying my Dragon’s tale such a huge honor dear Pan! I am as always captivated and now energized to continue writing The Dragons of The Yew Maze!

    Wendy xxx

    • avbarber says:

      Errr – WOW!!!! I think your comment at least my poems equal and for sure this should be featured in the tour!

      Your dragons are simply wonderful, captured beautifully by your eloquence and conjured before the reader in vivid reflection of magic. The honour is all mine in you allowing me to read what you had written. Thanks Wend – and thank you for your wonderful comment!

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