By a Rose

A new blog and yet another new poem – this is becoming a habit!

By a Rose is one of a number of poems I have written recently for a new Lion Hearts collection, which is to be taken on tour later this year.

I love this work, as for me it is the essence of Lion Hearts. Deeply romantic and provocatively sensual, it gently teases with an undertow of erotic metaphor.

The words spin tactile with rousing imagery, stirring the body while warming the soul. Kisses cast bare the passion of a moment shared and two hearts are entwined by their love.

As you would expect from any Lion Hearts work, there are no hard edges, there is nothing lewd or course about these lines. Instead, you are left to join up the dots for yourself, drifting without effort from the first line to the last!

By a Rose
Beauty as by a rose will bring,
As how my heart does warmly sing.
And for a kiss as burns these lips,
With thirst, the wine, in sweetest sips.
Then come touch, in tender hold,
In stroke, in brush, in ways untold.
By ebb and curl, by pull and heave,
We blend in love, we braid – we weave.
Come purist light and warmest swell,
In waves, then flood, in magic spell.
Beauty as by a rose will bring,
As how my heart does warmly sing.

This poem, along with the rest of the Lion Hearts poetry collection, will be published this coming autumn.

For more information about the tour, stay tuned to the Lion Hearts Website and listen out for #LionHearts tweets from both mine and Maree’s twitter accounts @authorAVBarber and @mibbymw

I hope you enjoyed this work as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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2 Responses to By a Rose

  1. Maree Ward-Russell says:

    The sweetest of nature’s kisses is a rose… The purity of a fine word forever yours Pan. Well done

    • avbarber says:

      And though a kiss be fleeting, its beauty shall last forever!

      It would be hard to match such a kind and beautifully poetic comment as your Wend – so I simply added to it instead, thank you so much 🙂

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