Kissing’s Journey

It’s been a while since I published anything on this blog, as writing assignments, travel, and my day job have seriously curtailed my blogging efforts.

The following work represents a welcome return to poetic verse and some lines of which I am extremely fond. The work is very much inspired by the purity of love and the romance of a kiss.

In this modern era of in your face 18 rated eroticism and sexually explicit imagery, it is easily forgotten that the romance of sensuality, and the blushing encounters of a stolen kiss, can be so alluring.

For me, romance rules – that’s not to say I am in any way inhibited toward the course avails of raunchy metaphor, but simply to underline my preference for the enchanting and the magical.

This is the hearts of Lions, separated by oceans, united by love and joined with a kiss. Requited, sensual and romantic – the tender lines give meaning to faith in true love.

Kissing’s Journey
Upon thy lips a word does whisper,
Upon its sound, the breeze will hang
And to its meaning, a kiss shall muster
And to my ears, its meaning sang

Across the world, this kiss shall travel,
Crossing oceans and drifting sea
And to my heart your word will journey,
Bringing love from you to me.

And to the sun, a kiss returned now,
Through the heavens in warmth with light
And to the moon in kissing’s journey
Unto your lips with passion’s might.

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6 Responses to Kissing’s Journey

  1. ‘Lingering on the sugar-coated rim of a pink champagne glass’——thank you Andrew—-your work is always an inspiration. Enjoy the summer:)
    Your friend, Marina:)

  2. M.W. Russell says:

    And to journey’s end this day shall pass when a kiss becomes but a moment in time while two souls continue forever and one day,

    Beauty in such prose makes a rose too pale to compare Pan – well done as ever!
    Wend 🙂

    • avbarber says:

      Thanks Wend, as always your words are kind… and as always, your reply blooms in poetic flair to match the words on which your comment has been made – Thank you so much! 🙂

  3. suefortin says:

    Have been trying to pick out my favourite line – can’t do it. Beautiful, as always.

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