How Well do You Know Lion Hearts?

Maree and I are extremely proud to launch the first book trailer for Lion Hearts (See Here). To commemorate this event, we have devised a fun but tricky quiz.

To enter, simply email the answers to  The entry with the most correct answers will win a signed paperback copy of “Me, My World and I” – Entry closes at midnight on April 30th (UK Time). In the event of a tie, the winner will be drawn from a hat.

How Well Do You Know Lion Hearts

1         To which king does Merek serve?

2         What does Lion Hearts, Coronation Street, Midsommer Murders and Emmerdale Farm all have in common?

3         Who plays the part of Lilly in the first book trailer?

4         Who is Lilly’s lady in waiting?

5         Including prequels and sequels, how many Lion Hearts essays are there (As of 12/04/13)?

6         Including prequels, what essay is considered the first in the series (hint, the essays are not published in running order)?

7         Who plays Merek in the first book trailer?

8         What is the title of the two part Lion Hearts ghost story published last Christmas?

9         In which essay does Merek declare “With a moment given to instance amidst columbine, I dream alike but wake the same”?

10     In which crusade is Lion Hearts set?

Have fun and don’t forget to send us your answers – even if you can only answer a few correctly, you may still win!

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