Mind, Body & Soul

Due to continued work on my new book, Postcards, I have had very little time to prepare a blog. But I did want to give you guys at least something, so in a rare quiet moment, I enjoyed some play with poetry.

I like the way this work deals with three key aspects of how we visualise love, and in doing so, actually seems to cover everything from innocence to lust. Of course, these things are always personal and we don’t all see or feel the same things … what do you see and how does it make you feel (please comment).

There is much more I could say, but I think it more fun this time, to leave the interpretation to you!

Mind, Body & Soul
My soul be given to the warmth of your smile,
In sending sweet kisses to carry a while,
Across oceans and moon beams,
And many a mile,
To rest so gentle your lips.

My mind be given to the charm of your face,
In wander of gaze and lost to your grace,
Across starlight and satin,
And fine needle lace,
To hold you once more in my arms.

My flesh be given to the flare from your crush,
In fervour of flame and heart beat in rush,
Across meadows and valleys,
And mountains in blush,
To burn with passion your heart.

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6 Responses to Mind, Body & Soul

  1. Marina says:

    Thank you for your beautiful poem, Andrew—breath-stilling as always. ‘Love’ is what I have been writing about for 7 years now–so this is a lovely opportunity to share something from my recent work. Blessings and a big smile.

    Be still—-while whispers settle and tranquil waters soothe
    Be still—-that we may claim the majesty beyond illusion
    Be still—-which in mine eye doth recognize the finite you
    Be still—-inside and feel my breath upon your all
    Be still—-to read between nature’s voice with me
    Be still—-time takes us by the hand so we may meet again
    Be still—-become the blossom on each other’s boughs
    Be still—-the truth will don its magic mantle as it will
    Be still—-glory yours and glory mine in undefined forever.
    Be still, while that which inside to time becomes the glory. X

    Marina X

  2. suefortin says:

    I like this one, it gives me the sense of a bright spring morning and happiness.

  3. Gorgeous. That’s how I feel too. : )))

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