Today’s blog started life as an essay and at some point magically became a poem. As always, I include a short explanation after the lines.

When shadow casts and time seems long,
When all seems lost and hope has gone.
I think of thee and words now said,
Your voice, your lines, the path we tread.
And in my soul, when darkness roam,
There comes a light to guide me home.
With faith I give, while love you bring,
In mind, in flesh, in joy – we sing.
Through temperance, with truest heart,
While passion thrill and love impart.
By kindest smile, with humble grace,
Your shape and form, your touch in trace.
As patience fills each moment passed,
With amity, this flame shall last,
When shadow casts and time seems long,
when all seems lost and hope has gone.
I find thee.

My intention today was to create prose, poetic in nature and reflective of virtues I associate as being important to a healthy society. By the end of my first paragraph, I had a rhythm and meter so deep, it just had to become a poem.

I wanted to portray harmony, strength and support as shared between lovers, using faith, hope, love, temperance, charity, patience, kindness and humility to make my point.

The rhyming scheme is simple, but deliberate, as it creates a rhythm in keeping with gentle waves falling softly against a shore. I picture a couple, hands held, wandering carefree upon a beach, their strength shared by their mutual understanding and desire to love.

They have known troubled moments but rely upon each other to get through. There are no hard edges, the poem carries you in drift as would a gentle tide, as you are pulled from start to end.

This is a poem about matching strength to weakness and finding a way. It is moonlight on a summer’s eve, candles on a harbour wall, and secret moments alone.

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11 Responses to Virtue

  1. M.W. Russell says:

    One of your finest Pan – excellent rhyme and rhythm and poignant phrases understood by all.
    Wendy xx

    • avbarber says:

      Thank you as always Wend, I love the harmony of the couplets. The lines pair in much the same way as the couple pictured in their lines. They rock gently, like waves, undulating and inducing calm.

  2. lightningjcb says:

    This poem made my day 🙂 Thank you!

  3. nikki says:

    A wonderful way to describe how two people connect with each other through everyday life. Beautiful as always x

  4. suefortin says:

    I don’t know what it is about your poems but I always feel such a connection with them. 🙂

  5. Marina says:

    Superb—rounded–silky soft—love the soft edges that sweep and wrap at every turn. Thank you Andrew

  6. Sahm King says:

    Reblogged this on The Arkside of Thought and commented:

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