This essay is a sequel to the latest Lion Hearts Back Story by Maree Ward Russell, which may be found here!

Dearest Lilly,

What malady this, the betrayal in lines, as would carry your heart while breaking. What words as would bring wound without blade or blow. As hangs my breath on each in flow, I weep in flood the shadow about your soul.

While burns in amity the blaze of my affection, as bound kindred by devotion, I feel your throes. Such weight this, the tide as would pull in tether and carry you from me, the rush in ache and burden of tow.

Be still in dreams, each held in reverence of the moment, gilt by touch and lost to the ardour of flame. Know my heart, for it rests in your keeping, safe from that which haunts my soul.

For I yield in the restitution of iniquity and suffer the malfeasance of kings. We stand in God’s name, corrupt by word and driven to transgression of faith. I am measured in blood and charged by duty, while judgement be my name.

In the misdeed of fools, I am forever damned the harlequin – servant to word and master of folly. I repose, penitent to absolution – in expedition of thy grace, as longs my heart and pleads the mercy of thy love.

As would Pharos bring light, I am carried – taken from storm while held clement by elsewhere. I breathe as would be the breath of summer, I feel as is your touch. While step in tread may distance bring, our hearts shall beat as one.

Guard thee well, as fate shall suffer not my falling and soon shall come arrival – the smoke and thatch as when I left, while cherry blossom break free.

I shall tread once more the joy of being and hail in greeting, your grace. – Your loving arms and warm embrace, your touch so warm, shall be.

Forever your servant,


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4 Responses to Breath

  1. nikki says:

    Having yearnings to be away from this scene ,and dreaming of what may be when all is over and he is back into her arms .Beautiful xx

    • avbarber says:

      Merek certainly allows death and his deeds to play heavily on his mind, while Lilly is his one and only escape from this 🙂 Thank you for your lovely comment 🙂

  2. Marina says:

    The Mouse is hungry today–hungry for a literary morsel. The endless misery is wearing her down and as for her Master–his depletion worries and exhausts her, both. When will it end? Warfare gouging deep wheels through every facet of daily life sets dis-ease rife with tenacious foothold. Ah–she spies the next masterpiece has been posted. She nibbles the edge of each stanza, boldly scaling the sides until she is teetering along the top of every sentence. She can’t decide which word tastes best–she takes a bite of those that waft sweetest satisfaction:

    “Blade affection that haunts the iniquity without mercy. Distance thatch and greeting.”

    She is disturbed—Merek spies the intruder so she runs as fast as she can with a large mouthful of “affection” hindering her pace. She will hide in the Columbarium. He won’t think to follow her there.

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