This essay forms a sequel to “Battle

Gone all light, as seeps endless the mournful whispers of the lost and the fallen. Besieged, I acquiesce – abandoned to silence, by such deafening clash as would bring madness to my soul.

As rests the swords of might and men, beyond the fields of battle while endless – the bitter skirmish of conscience in doleful ransom to sin. Night brings my enemy and he shall not falter in his charge, but leave my heart broken.

I am lost in tenebrous realms, viscid while consuming, as burns the acrid breath of the beast. Forsaken, all hope is gone as battle once more shall take me.

Choked, the hills, in acres lost to those unnamed – the charge to grave, pointless while futile and vain. In pause of instant, short in counting yet in heart as feels a lifetime – I see each one.

Once more the triumphant fume of battle, and still what glory this to be? Would accord not be lost to the altercation of opinion, peace may reign – and yet those now fallen, know peace.

If I knew not love, then I may pass to the shade and be gone, but I am known in heart and she is my salvation. With dawn shall come the alacrity of her word and I will know faith as drawn from her light.

She is the keeper who would know me – the beating heart and ardent breath, the summer dream and the memories of old. When all about me shall fall, when hope be gone and darkness reign, in her I shall find myself.

As rests her soul by sleepless ocean, let the voice of those waves as would carry my love wash her in soak of my essence and carry her to me. With flood as would passion meet, I surrender to touch and flare in my need to be whole.

I shall fear not the days, or the moments care within them – fate remembered us and our time lays patient and will come. In her I find that which is lost and through her shall come my redemption.

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16 Responses to Redemption

  1. georgeforfun says:

    Great read, Andrew. Touching.

  2. Karen says:

    I love the way it sounds when I read it out loud – it flows so beautifully.

  3. M.W. Russell says:

    I am fraught with pain my Knight. As shadow passes I still see no promise in the new light of day. Let these battles be the loss of me if no news of your journey reaches my ears by nightfall. Let the mists of reckoning consume me and the arms of death find me if your soul no longer lingers in this land. For I am with you wherever you may be and no passage shall tear us apart. Lilly xx

    Excellent followup to Battle Pan – eloquent as always – Wendy 🙂

    • avbarber says:

      You are the beacon in the shadow, the light that shall guide me to the cottage in the Fell. Guard your life as I would treasure your heart for some day soon your word shall be called.

      Excellent comment Wend which of course lead very neatly into the new back story which was superb by the way! I will follow on from where you have left the story on Wednesday! Brilliant, thank you 🙂

  4. I agree with Karen’s comment. Reading it aloud it sounds so beautiful. Your words touch the heart and soul.

  5. Marina says:

    Tiptoe over the beautiful words that wash every battle field null and void. The Bold Knight tells the truth wrapped in silk ribbons that lie still as secrets—for what rests beneath the blunder and blur of Man’s banality is ultimately majestic—and ours.
    Thank you, Andrew. Your poetry trumpets hope and ultimate truth.

  6. nikki says:

    Left alone with the thoughts of a loved one, as if evoking courage to not fear what may happen next .Wonderful as always xx

    • avbarber says:

      Thank you Nikki, a low place but hope of redemption – not giving up and marching on. This spawned an amazing back story from Maree and lead to “Breath” so very pleased with it 🙂

  7. Sahm King says:

    This may be a bit presumptuous on my part, but I can’t help but wonder what caliber of fantasy author you’d be. Your work flows very well; I can see this in some medieval-esque novel with an Elizabethan tinge to the aqueous movement of each word across the eye.

    Sir, EPIC!

    • avbarber says:

      Stay tuned my friend, in August I start work on a new book called Lion Hearts with Maree Ward Russell – this is a medieval love story with a little fantasy mixed in 🙂

  8. randomramsey says:

    Your poetry is beyond beautiful.

  9. avbarber says:

    Thank you, that is so very kind of you 🙂

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