I feel, I touch, I see – of that, of this, of thee – In dream, in wish, while free – of all that might, can be.

Of yesterday, speaks past while gone, of moments used and old. The shift of sands while moving hands, an instant to unfold.

Past quarrel by care of troubled shade, in nurtured hope with light – gone the darkness, gone the night, while newest day shine bright.

In hush of calm, by whispers drawn, in quietude of grace – in kindliness, with sympathy, the new dawn life embrace.

What was, now gone, what is, shall be – I give myself to chance. Come, harmony come choral song, come symphony in dance.

By journey’s tread and distance run, while time as gone to borrow – while length yet passed, less breadth now gone, I step unto tomorrow.

To absent friends, with heartfelt cry, I drink to thee with cheer. Come hither those, whose whereabouts, as hereabouts does lie.

No space by open ocean, no time or age too far – to cast a dream, to hope for light, to wish upon a star.

For love true felt, by breath and beat with fervour and a flame – while passion crush and kisses rush, burn endless without shame.

Of dreams I take this moment, for this moments all can be – to wait is wrong, of time still long, beyond you cannot see.

I feel, I touch, I see – of that, of this, of thee – In dream, in wish, while free – of all that might, can be.

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16 Responses to Today

  1. Eliane . says:

    Hi Andrew. Everytime I’ve seen your post I wait for a right moment to do that. For 2 reasons: I don’t speak english well and I insist to understand everything you say, because I know it will be good words. Thank you for share your thoughts. Have a great week.


    Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2013 08:14:31 +0000 To:

  2. Carol Hedges says:

    Lovely. Calming me down after yesterday’s TAX day.

  3. aklp1990 says:

    I really like this. Flowed lovely too. I prefer this style. And I can understand it yay lol xx

  4. Wonderful heartfelt words as always Andrew.

  5. Andrew,

    I took some time to read and enjoy your recent words……They must be read without rushing, in order to sense and feel the overwhelming emotions contained within. Something of a superb classical piece of writing, filled with accounting for precious time, while living life itself.

    Best Regards,

  6. nikki says:

    As if time heals any wounds and dreams are better than reality,stepping unto tomorrow is a fresh new day with new possibilities.Loved the style and rhythm of this x

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