The following Essay is a sequel to my earlier work entitled “Memento”. These two essays form a prequal and go some way toward explaining later works such as “Elsewhere” and “the Fell” (a missing link – found)!

To set the scene, first read “Memento” then imagine gypsies by a camp fire and an injustice being undone. One last thing, this essay is set around 100 years before “A Knight’s Crusade” and our introduction to Lilly and Merek.


Corrupt by angst, as lost these souls, cast to enmity with fight. In chastity of death, he stands her loss, before the shadow and mourned.

Should weight, as distance bound, be less the toil of stride in tread – Should time run forth, while back, by equal measure. Then history now, tomorrow come, and all space between be gone.

Given in memento and conjure of image: her name, her place, her sight. She shall cross by light to light, while bound to shelter of one.

As would Orpheus in lament, bring flood, a heart sings for the loss of dreams. In constancy the sun, with light as drinks the shadow gone. By his tears, in cry of cante, comes nurture of melodic soul – born doleful in whispers and burning.

By dawn, ablaze in glory, her birth again to morning dew. With style, in shape as formed of tender grace, she rises.

In tap, the percussive stamp, in rhythm and building – as bailaora in blaze of ardour and given to storm. With turn and sway, as weaving braid, comes sadness laid with solace.

She is the calidity of flame, as dances amidst the summer shades and sparks from wildest passion. Come tides with ardent flow, in blaze then ember – while fuelled once more to rage.

Such fever this, the fidelity of salacious touch as would be given untamed to pleasure. In flare, as burns all flesh – the sweet caress and ache of brush with blow.

Rapture: as rising to crescendo, with drift of paradisiacal plains and freed of mortal bind. Senses filled, colours thrill to rhapsodic symphony, colliding in rise then fall of breath.

Held once more, tears dried by kisses felt, two souls together as one. This is the birth of eternal love – always, forever be done.

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13 Responses to Flamenco

  1. Carol Hedges says:

    Another great lexical feat: calidity…..oh yes. Other words I’d like to see: nugatory, pellucid, and recondite. I like to help out whenever I can.

  2. Marina says:

    “Chastity between conjure, the doleful rises are laid in a fuelled ache by a symphony of kisses.”

    Scamper, scamper, whisker, trot; faced with sorrow, she is not.
    Sleek of coat and quiver twitch, she wears the hide of one white witch,
    Who for her own good, so told, did strip her of a Princess fold.
    Shape-shifter oh–no more is she; Celtic royal blood you see,
    No more to woe and weave her charm, scamper, scamper, whisker balm.
    A knight to serve she now does bid; garner literary tidbit dib.
    Scamper, scamper, whisker trot; her velvet gown is nigh forgot,
    Chestnut ringlets all have gone; memories then, a campfire song
    And magic words her master strew, yes—she is Mouse; through and through.

  3. Marina says:

    Up and scampering–always–so plesaed the bold Knight is back in his saddle:) Sensational writing as ever, Andrew and exciting to see the story coming together. Thank you for allowing me a saddle-bag ride. The crumbs are mouth-watering. They linger on whiskers for long, magic moments:)

    • avbarber says:

      It is an honour to see how our creation [Lion Hearts with Maree] has been adopted and used for such unique and wonderful inspiration on your part. I love the angle the mouse brings, it’s like a spin off tale that weaves alongside our creation. Thank you Marina 🙂

  4. Marina says:

    I am whiskery-honoured, Andrew–and isn’t that true of everything in life–if only we looked close enough. ‘Spin-offs’ all around–from domestic happenings to parallel lifetimes. What if we knew the full extent? I am delighted to be a Lion Hearts ‘Spin-Off’; to catch the moments before they disappear as crumbs between the floor-boards. Thank you very much indeed. Tis a far better fate than that of scape-goat:)

  5. Sonia Smith says:

    As always Andrew, beautifully written.

  6. nikki says:

    It seems as if she has been wandering through the ages trying to find this love ,then the dream of another brings them together and keeps it there for all eternity .Love it as i did Memento x

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