Aubade, as wakes the lion, come Abbadon, while heaven bleeds in prelude to the fallen. In vagary of moment while wander, I drift incurious skies, drawn red and pierced by flare.

Choked, these hills and mire, in acres lost to numbers lined. With tarry before charge, in wait of grave, timorous while cowed but frozen. In pause of instant, short in counting yet in heart as feels a lifetime – we wait.

In detachment of place, as would depart the reach of dubiety, come once more your arms and elsewhere. For doubt rests in the act of fools while in love I shall not falter.

Woken – this in odious cry, the call to arms and charging! In roar of hoof and stamp with kick, with lance and mount we strike.

Come rain in splinter while shaft with blade as taut the bowman’s string and all around as arrows fly, the falling doth begin. But still in yard with distance more, I drive in cause and parry – And as with flame and archers aim our cause begins to carry.

Still now this wall as would not move, in line, by legion stayed. Then come ballista, come trebuchet, come stray as guard take flight.

In crash we meet as line impaired – the quarrel of the masses. With ram of steel and havoc’s reign the moment comes then passes.

My steed is fallen and I am one – lost to tides, alone!

And then she comes, her face lit golden, her glory as the sun. Her eyes in gaze, her touch as tender, our souls as joined and one – I shall not fall!

To last we fight in clash of blade, to last in tug and skirmish. Retreat the lines as once here stood, retreat while victory furnish.

Gone Abbadon, as heaven sleeps and rests beneath, the fallen. In vagary of moment while wander, I drift once more the elsewhere and lose myself to light.

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14 Responses to Battle

  1. Carol Hedges says:

    There once was a brave knight at arms/who was roused by battle alarms/ He leaped on his horse/ in full armour of course/ oh …., you can finish it, you’re much better at this than I am.. LOved it. Worth the wait.

  2. aklp1990 says:

    Brill 🙂 well done x

  3. M.W. Russell says:

    I cannot see. For shadow does covet my eyes and blind the path ahead. That he may face the depths of the horizon in my name as many others shall, will haunt me til my final breath. He is in peril – I can feel it. I breathe the stench of the bloodied and fallen and not knowing makes my heart continually ache. I shut my eyes in strength that my Knight may feel me and be safely drawn to my light. Begone darkness and let thy love once again find the way.
    The Dreams of Lilly.

    Excellent piece Pan that en-captures the fate of Merek exactly.
    Wendy xx

    • avbarber says:

      In moments shared as came the vulnerability of man – you shone. In battle and as of elsewhere, we found the reign of lion while touched by the glory of love. I breathe and shall not fall.

      As always Wend, a wonderful reply from Lilly, thank you 🙂

  4. hap says:

    It took me two readings to get past the flowery language (not criticizing, just a personal shortcoming of mine) to the meaning, but once I did, it was quite enjoyable. Thank you. 🙂

  5. Marina says:

    ‘Prelude choked with doubt; the lance as Bowman’s guard.
    Havoc’s steed alone; the glory blade unto myself.
    I am the fallen.’

    The literary crumbs are scattered far and wide this day; the little Mouse unsure of the wisdom in venturing forth. The rumpus is cacophonous—and treacherous. She gleans what she can before scurrying from the scene, anxious she will lose her fragile life amidst the tear and roar of battle. Her Master is wounded, but thankfully alive and out of harm’s way for now. If she had tarried one minute longer the silk scarf would have become a shocking shroud. It wouldn’t do to besmirch the precious item with ‘Squashed, Bloodied Mouse!’
    With deathly pallor but a surprising smile her Master clutches the soft silk close. Perhaps he imagines his Lady Love–is that why he appears free of misery? Mouse doesn’t want to leave him now. Would he notice her quivering whiskers if she slipped under his warm, hide blanket?
    Ah—a scruffy boy appears with victuals. That’s more like it. Perhaps he might drop a morsel.

    • avbarber says:

      I love the tie between Elsewhere and Battle Marina – I am sure Maree is also enjoying the concept of our creation being retold through the eyes of a mouse and with such wonderful language at that. Please keep these chapters coming for we surely would miss the mouse “view” of our Lion Hearts. Thank you 🙂

  6. Marina says:

    I would be honoured to continue contributing The Mouse’s view of such stunning creativity and beautifully crafted prose. Thank you Andrew. I’m so pleased you enjoy the alternative take:) Blessings on your vibrant project.

    Marina 🙂

  7. nikki says:

    It seems almost a comfort to drift away from the reality of his dream of a loved one.Beautiful as always x

    • avbarber says:

      Thank you Nikki, we again see Elsewhere coming into play and Mereks strong connection with his loved one. I feel that when we face a place and scene we wish to be away from, it is natural to cast ourselves as far away as possible.

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