As come battle while gone the light – for tomorrow may end in flame.

Gone the destitution and slow march as made by shadow, I am taken from the clemency of your smile and delivered at journey’s edge. In mire and kaolin, bridged by torch and haunted by utterance of death – we breathe.

While Erebus consumes, your light holds me in smile. There is no darkness in your presence and my heart feels you near. In clutch of slumber as enervation given to flesh, let evenfall embrace me and take me to your side!

It shall be that we will meet once more, between the shades and elsewhere – away from the bicker of hammer and absent of all fear. Again to be lost to summer gaze as wells from the truest care.

In touch of souls, as spirits dance, come tears as washed and two hearts bursting. By breath of silver and burning flame, my lady comes in blaze. Wish not now of waking thought, but be given to tender dreams.

Come breathless days and endless skies, new light, in touch as one. Where tenebrous fields did laden fall, aglow their acres fold. Gone now, the misery of passage, in end to absence and pain of solitude from love.

With fortitude and without shadow of doubt, may gallantry reign above weakness! Let innocence be spared the nature of fools, for war is plain in fight of dreams.

In custody of my soul, you are the keeper and I shall always be yours.

You are the half of my whole and I am one. You are the glory of the beginning and the wonder of time passing. You are the hope of tomorrow and on to forever and beyond by one day.

As come battle with newest light – today may end, but our love shall linger.

NOTE: Some lines in this essay take inspiration from the work of fellow Lion Hearts author M.W. Russell – See Lion Hearts Fan Page here

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24 Responses to Elsewhere

  1. Carol Hedges says:

    Oooh, I liked the ending of this. Very poignant. Sometimes, Mr B, your writing reminds me of bits of the Song of Solomon – minus the tents and pomegranates

    • avbarber says:

      I always love your comment Carol so please promise me to always leave one. By the way, I am trying to comment on your blog but it doesn’t seem to like me 😦

      Thank you so much for your words, they are so very much appreciated!

  2. Gosh. Makes my writing seem juvenille and frivilous. You play around beautifully with syntax and lexicon. I’d be interested to read this again in SVO format using plain English. I bet you’d make it just as hard hitting. I’m popping off now for my dictionary for a second read so I can understand some of the words (pretty pathetic for a linguist!). Brill. Enjoyed. Will share!

  3. M.W. Russell says:

    My burning heart comes with the desire of a soul to melt and be as one. Where your shadows cross you shall find me. Where pain of weary battle reigns, you shall feel me. Lead away from the passage of solitude and move toward my light. I am your keeper that brings a love so mighty that heaven shall be our door. Stay safe my Knight.
    Lilly xx

    • avbarber says:

      By darkness kept, the press of skirmish comes – but I see only the light. As noble thoughts and charge with honour, I fight in crusade, not of cup but for your heart.

      As always Wendy, Lilly’s reply more than captures the essence of Merek’s emotion – and onward now to battle. Thank you as always for your wonderful prose

  4. Mr B, There is such deep beauty in your work. I am mesmerized by this one especially. It is exactly like what Carol said. Thank you, what a perfect read.

  5. Marina says:

    Safe in her Master’s saddlebag The Mouse considers the unfolding drama—a series of events she views objectively. As long as she stays hidden nothing much touches her. The smell of recently treated leather is overwhelming, but she is used to it now. A Lady’s silk scarf makes a warm nest. Why does he carry it everywhere? She doesn’t understand Merek—Man’s complication eludes her simple, whiskered self. Hmm—crumbs—the only crumbs spilling from this Knight’s table are literary. She has grown to treasure them; so different from the stale bread that used to provide nourishment. He is indeed an intriguing man and she will follow him to the ends of the Earth—as long as he doesn’t discover her secret hiding place!
    So—what word-crumbs has she garnered today? One from each stanza. She hardly needs rearrange them—they flow perfectly. Chosen with random intuition she views them as they appear:

    Tomorrow’s clemency; the eventual shades bursting with tenebrous fools; keepers of ‘The whole Love’.

    What does tenebrous mean? She is a well-educated Mouse, but this one eludes her. Darn—she should have listened to her Master and not shredded the thesaurus!

    • avbarber says:

      Very clever as usual Marina and I love the light hearted nature of the prose – I believe the mouse could even end up being a #LionHearts spin off 🙂

      Thank you as always for taking the time to tackle my prose and process a fun and original reply

      • Marina says:

        I would be honoured, whiskers and all! Thank you Andrew–your magical prose is a blessed joy, even for a not-so-simple rodent:)

  6. Jeannette says:

    Beautiful words, your essays always give me so much to think about, thank you.

  7. wisejourney says:

    Your writing lulls me..gentle, romantic…other worldly..

  8. littlelise says:

    Reblogged this on littlelise's journey and commented:
    Beautiful essay. Read and enjoy.

  9. littlelise says:

    Written with beautiful imagery and such eloquence. A joy to read. You are truly gifted.

  10. nikki says:

    I love reading your essays,such a beautiful joy ,wonderful as always x

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