As tied by family lines, bound by bond and given to the nurture of dreams, you are the exposition of life’s great secret. Selfless while given to grace, you foster benevolence and give no room to doubt.

With forbearance in storm, you are the light before darkness, the calming hand and the mellow tone. You are the shade from summer sun while shelter from harridan.

You were there in the beginning, with arms that would hold – the dawning, the cradle, the warmth from the cold. In sympathy of error, with guidance of age, the shaping brought onward, the turning of page.

And there with first steps, with pride as imbued – your words came in softness as token. Solicitude in days as so might they pass, the giving of love as unbroken.

Marked in years, as given to tide you are shared between labour and strife. In expedition of trade and given to craft, you find balance of family with life.

In clash as would come, the youth and the wise, the lesser knows more as words spoken. – The fall of the fool, the loss of self right, the catching from arms ever open.

With boon, as given in merit and through constancy of tireless aim, you are the foundation of all that shall be. The creator of manner, the sculptor of life, you are progenitor, saviour and kind.

You are the origin of breath, the source of new life, a hero without words ever heard. You are the answer to why, the question unasked, the giver of words as first stirred.

You are woman, teacher and friend – you are shield, you are patron, you are mother!

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10 Responses to Mother

  1. blossombee68 says:

    A mother should always be a son’s first love. This is a wonderful description of a woman, teacher and friend. I’m sure your Mum is very proud of you, Andrew! Well done indeed – I enjoyed it very much 🙂

    • avbarber says:

      Thank you Manuela, I love my mum and certainly hope she is proud. I remember the struggles of growing and remember too well the torrid time I gave her – yet she was and is always there!

  2. M.W. Russell says:

    Through the blood, sweat and tears we feel them – our offspring, our heart and soul. There is nothing spent unworthy, nor no limit on our love. We shall offer light unto dark and warmth when there is cold. No fight is too taxing, no heartache too wrenching to ever stop being a mum.
    Thank you dear Pan on behalf of myself, all mums and my five children you well know.
    Wendy xxx

    • avbarber says:

      Thank you Wendy – your wonderfully poetic comment rests easy on the page and sings in voice of those things I see as being motherly. This reinforcement as given by a mother is most honestly appreciated with a heartfelt thank you! 🙂

  3. Marina says:

    How beautiful, Andrew—‘Mother’ captured in every nuance; the selfless protector and provider. She would give up everything for her offspring–everything. Enfolding, enriching, enchanting–everything. Of all the faces ‘Love’ wears, this is one of the most important. Thank you for putting pen to paper and making your exquisite observations dance for us in words—yet again.

    • avbarber says:

      Thank you as always for your kind comment Marina, I think the bond with and love given by a mother is pure and strong – and thus an excellent subject for words 🙂

  4. decorartuk says:

    A brilliant post – I will have to remember it when I am thinking what to put in my mum’s Mother’s Day card.

  5. nikki says:

    This is what most woman feel for their child/children ,a lovely way in words to express how a mother could be ,the only way i’ve ever described the feeling is “like no other love i’ve felt before” . Thank you for your wonderful words x

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