Repose, the pace and shift as given to interval with turn of rest and pause. So many moons in turning, so many dawns since last I saw, and still your name I call. How far the step and fall of stride, how long this lonely winter?

In leap and dance with flash then blaze, the crackling spit of kindle. I gaze, adrift the time and fall to the vagaries of trance – as tumbles the darkling space, Cimmerian with taint of vision.

I retreat from hold of noble thought and plunge in exposition of instants.    Caliginous shades in stir and haunting; draw and quip without mercy. Here I am helpless, exposed to truth and disconsolate of position.

Forsaken of all hope, with moments tenebrous as would be lost to shadow, I am given to solitude as would be riven by grief. – Alone to the revenant, in return of battles lost and forfeit of ambition – I mourn your absence in weeping.

By the candour of light from minute spared, before the flame and searching, I drift in conflagration of will and give surrender. You are mine in colours yet not mine, as bound by covenant and set by place.

Outcast by envy, without right and beyond the bounds of honour, I am filled to choler and rage. This is my crime, as passion wells and memory of your image be saved. His touch not mine, his limbs with yours entwine – of who do you dream, how missed my kiss, what crush in turn say I?

As burns hidden, without virtue, I take these thoughts as flame but give no space to their being. – For you are my temple and in you I worship – devout before glory and lost to its image. In crusade of Grail, be damned – but I shall not fall in crusade of the heart.

In leap and dance with flash then blaze, the crackling spit of kindle. I gaze, adrift the time and wake from vagaries of trance – as tumbled once the darkling space, I wake still sure of love.

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13 Responses to Forsaken

  1. Yet as each dawn peeks above the edge of trees, it is the face of the Knight I see. Not ragged and drawn or in anger of heart but that which I have come to love. Be still my Knight and remember. For it is the Lion I seek not the snake at my feet and I shall be forever yours.
    Such passion Pan! So the ravages of war and time are taking their toll on poor Merek. Well done.
    Wendy xx

    • avbarber says:

      Indeed – I think I need to give the poor guy a break and bring him a change of fortune before Lilly goes mad!
      I must say that Lilly’s response will leave a few people breathless, wonderful prose Wend, just beautiful.
      As always, thank you for your kind and wonderful comments, I believe in Lion Hearts we have the foundations of a wonderful adventure, set to continue for many years to come.
      Best Wishes,

  2. carol hedges says:

    Caliginous. Where do you find these words Mr B? I am vertiginous with admiration.

  3. Marina says:

    The Mouse—watches in repose from where she is hiding—watches as the darkling instants, riven with colours unseen, rebound ansd disturb. Why Man should punish himself so is beyond her tiny mind. Is her mind tiny? No envy has ever tumbled across her temple of—Mouse!:)

    • avbarber says:

      Thank you Marina, an extremely interesting angle, I never considered taking Mereks potion from the view of a mouse – great concept! As alway, many thanks for your well thought out and extremely well written words 🙂

  4. Marina says:

    Thank you, Andrew. As ever, your wondrous art is inspiration for all–even for a Tiny Mouse!:)

  5. Caroline says:

    ‘You are mine in colours yet not mine, as bound by covenant and set by place.’

    This line especially speaks to me—thank you for sharing your wondrous literary gift; again.
    My candle flickers in the Advent morn and gentle raindrops speckle my bedroom window-pane.
    A day of preparation lies ahead—but I shall linger a while longer—linger in the beautiful words that both smite and soothe a wondering soul.

    Thank you Andrew. Have a glorious Christmas.

    • avbarber says:

      As always, your kindness is so richly appreciated – but now you also share poetic prose of your own and they are wonderful! Thank you as always, I look forward to reading your next comment!

  6. Bucephalus says:

    Andrew, utterly sublime. Sir, you are a genius.

  7. nikki says:

    Love the flow of this essay and the hope and strength of mind keeping love alive,beautiful as always x

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