The crack of hoof and turning wheel, the step and fall of leather, by flag and torch and marked by line, as soldiers march together.

Cut deep, the frigid bite as dressed in threads with silver shine. Bound and kept by length and stretch, the harshest chords of winter. – As would set worse than steal in blade but less the pain of memories, I march from, not to, and lose myself to shadow.

With haste, as drum sets brisk, the trudge and measure of marching men – before battle and given to dread as comes with call to duty. For the lion, but not in fidelity of heart, in crime to the sentiment of love, I stride.

Should such honour be so blind, yet be given in name so righteous as would spill the blood of man. We journey in freedom’s name yet march in constancy of opinion. We are not gods but guardians, charged with the custody of faith and sworn to preservation.

I wish not the sun but suffer gladly the candour of penance, for such treachery in expedition of war would reap as we are given. My heart is frozen as my flesh and my eyes given to the darkness that surrounds.

In peregrination of distance passed, with space that grows. – By day and through night we tread in venture, before hazard and in retreat of love.

Hail the magnificence of our crusade, glory be to those who fall – for we must shine in the refinement of hardship, and give no complaint to hunger. We are slaves to the delusion of kings, as fuelled by delirium and lost to aberration.

And those who sleep, lost to season and given no turn in battle – for here no sword may reign, and snow shall hide the fallen.

The crack of hoof and turning wheel, the step and fall of leather, by flag and torch and marked by line, as soldiers march together – less some.

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14 Responses to Journey

  1. This is just perfect for Lion Hearts Pan. You can transport yourself to the heart of our Knight, feeling the challenges he faces. Love it – as always you capture the moment so well!
    Wendy xx

    • avbarber says:

      Thank you Wendy, having again just read your next instalment for Lion Hearts, I can say with some honesty that your wonderful prose are at the very least a match for mine, if not better!

  2. Marina says:

    ‘The wheels’ dressed trudge—opinion and penance. I retreat to the hardship of fallen leather.’

    Evocative and chilling—-perhaps some of us were actaually there—-in a past life.
    Thank you Andrew–magnificent, as ever.

  3. carol hedges says:

    Peregrination. Lovely word.

  4. Caroline says:

    ‘The crack of hoof and turning wheel; the step and fall of leather’—such powerful imagery. I love it. Your stunning composition takes me there; right down at ground-level. I can practically feel the mud on my face and taste the misery on my lips.
    Thank you, Andrew. You inspire my own attempt at poetic prose.

  5. Anne Glenn says:

    Wonderfully written as always Andrew. Each time I read it I can envision the men marching then our Knight writing this in the dim light of a fire late at night as the other soldiers drift into sleep exhausted from the days journey.

    • avbarber says:

      Your vision is as the story written Anne so I must have got something right – thank you for your kind comment, I really do very much appreciate it. It is one thing for me to trace a story, it is another to put it into words and have it understood 🙂 thank you!

  6. nikki says:

    Wonderfully written ,enjoyed this essay, like the others it takes you to a different land, you find yourself engrossed and swepted away by the words x

    • avbarber says:

      This was a little darker than some – it is nice to sometimes break from the glory of life and show the misery. Thank you for your kind comments 🙂

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