This week’s Saturday blog is going to press on a Monday (due to my wretched cold and travelling) – This means the Tuesday blog will go to press towards the end of the week.

Today’s blog is a poem – this is unusual in as much as it is the first time ever that I have published outside of a book. The poem, “Swept” was written as a birthday request for a Twitter friend and her husband. I include extremely brief notes after the poem – I hope you enjoy it.

I am swept by visions of glory,
Given to flame and burnt to the soul.
Of touching bonds in raging fury,
For I am half and we are whole.

I am swept by touch so gentle,
Beneath the silk in passions hold.
In crash of lace and cast of cotton,
Beyond the lines of thread and fold.

I am swept by taste with hunger,
Moving now with brush and blow.
Caress in strokes so endless sweeping,
As carnal needs in tide do flow.

I am swept by scent, your essence,
Arousing breathless, this stirring swelled.
Pulling now in heave with fervour,
In ebb and curl, your body held.

I am swept by joy with rapture,
Beyond all bound and rushing crest.
Racing hearts with warm elation,
A moment felt, from heaven blessed.

I was asked to produce a work with shades of tastefully erotic content, avoiding anything crude or harsh.

I used quatrain stanzas (verses of 4 lines) with an ABCB rhyming scheme (lines 2 and 4 of each verse rhyme).

The poem takes it rhythm from the ocean (even the title). There are numerous maritime references such as tides, ebb and curl. In addition, the poem uses senses – sight, touch, taste, smell and sensation.

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14 Responses to Swept

  1. Absolutely one of the most beautiful poems I have had the pleasure to read. But then everything you write Andrew takes my breath

    • avbarber says:

      As always Lisa, your words flatter me – I very much appreciate you taking the time to gift your wonderful words of encouragement, it is certainly appreciated 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Dear Pan
    – a masterpiece of words, thoughts, sensations and love. This indeed will sweep anyone who reads it off their feet! Well done and those who commisioned it will be rapturous in their praise!
    Wendy xx

  3. Andrew this is wonderful. Today is my 19th wedding anniversary and so the poem made me smile. I think I was meant to read this today.

  4. Caroline says:

    Another sensational piece of writing—thank you Andrew. I like the different form; a nice surprise and powerfully rhythmic—intoxicated lovers dancing across forever as twin flames –‘burnt to the soul’ indeed. Thank you for sharing your magic pen.

  5. Marina says:

    I am lost for words this time—-breathtaking and fluent—-poetic nourishment that feeds the soul. All the leaves have fallen; they are way past trembling.
    Thank you, Andrew.

  6. Marina says:

    This Lady smiles too–thank you, Andrew:))

  7. nikki says:

    What a wonderful present ,beautiful as always x

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