In passage of days, as tender with green and given to the mildest touch of bloom, I came in return and through summer we shone. With age, resplendent with flame, as tread time in expedition of seasons, came the passing of moments.

Through these days, and with winsome measure, we did wander without burden of formality and in respect of sentiment, devoid of care and given to the inclination of love.

But for the grace of days in turning, such memories should be lost. Yet now, I would stop time in sacrifice of morning, and all for the preservation of a moment. I yearn once more the passion of night’s glory and the crush of ardour before lust.

In peril of duty, before the magnificence of honour and in contradiction of my heart, the lion’s call and the resting lamb bring flood. Retreat, this instance of weakness, for I am forever the fool, in attachment to that which I mourn and damned by my duty to God.

Now, denuded by season, stripped of life and naked before the frigid breath of winter, the harridan cries and I am bare once more to weakness.

Should this first pale light of morning be the last that we share, let it be without the cold touch of doubt – for these sands run thin, yet still they run and time is not yet of ending.

I challenge the sun, transient before dawn, to sink from the heavens and I charge the moon to muster the stars. But I command not the heavens – and the cruel truth of light casts shadow most felt.

While waking, without words but with candour – your gaze while knowing, your strength with smile and your fidelity in touch.

In king’s venture, devout to the call but with doubt of this moment, I turn. You shall not see tears and there can be no retreat from duty – but instead I give custody of my heart.

And come the end – the smoke and thatch as when I came, while cherry blossom since passed. I tread once more the sadness of being and mourn the loss of grace. – Your loving arms and warm embrace, your touch so warm and tender – begone.

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14 Responses to Departure

  1. And yet the dawn must come. But I shall not weep. As you cast to shadow, I shall face the sun’s calling and send you away with a kiss. Your bravery brings with it such splendour, such beauty that it fills me with hope in the essence of a dream. That one day again I shall be lost to your arms, seduced by your touch with the ardent yearning of your lips. Be safe my Knight.

    Exquisite as ever dear Pan.
    This shall fit the back story so well for Lion Hearts…
    Wendy xx

  2. blossombee68 says:

    Dear Andrew, I’m flabbergasted by the beauty of your words once again! Your sequel to ‘Return’ leaves us longing for more. Being optimistic and romantic at the same time, I’m hoping for a happy ending for the Knight and his Lady of course 🙂
    ‘Departure’ is another brilliant piece – well done indeed! So glad the wordsmith is back in town again – we missed you and your wonderful writing 🙂

  3. Marina says:

    Tender love—I yearn for the magnificence as stripped and pale I sink into the shadows of Heaven—without custody—within sadness.

    “Tis too much, Sire;” she leans into the glass pain of the past, meeting the chill with translucent resignation. “Tis too much to blow exquisite word memories through the cyber ether.” But she cannot turn away from the beautiful prose wherein each desolate note meets her own. Soul-to-soul communion is her deep desire; she knows it well; knows it as a profound spirituality that once gifted cannot be ignored. The higher connection is what counts; not the specific individuals. Feathered raiment guards her passionate longing; taunting her stoicism but refusing Heaven in the same breath. She is denied the touch that would free her sprite within—softly—gently–quietly.
    Is Sir Galahad sent to soothe or taunt? She cannot decide, but she is of generous heart where gratitude and admiration cavort in flamboyant coupling. So—-once again she curtsies deep and whispers—-
    ‘thank you.’

    • avbarber says:

      Marina – you seem awfully inspired these days – I really do look forward to your new book 🙂 Thank you for your art, your words and your kindness.

      • Marina says:

        Thank you Andrew. Inspiration rarely leaves my side–perhaps it lies sleeping occasionally, but generally it is present. Thank you for the rare opportunity to flex my dialogue pen. Your talent is wondrous and adds fuel to my ever-stoked fire. Good luck with your current projects–and thank you for your generosity and kind words.

      • avbarber says:

        You sre most welcome Marina 🙂

  4. Caroline says:

    Love the snowflakes, Andrew; they invoke homecoming, comfort and delight wrapped up excitingly–together! 🙂 Oh—-and I love the sumptuos essay, of course. Your beautiful words melt in the mind and transport the reader to a magicla land of ‘maybe’.

  5. nikki says:

    Such loving words and mixed emotions felt, with moments shared almost without any passing of words,and a harsh reality of leaving again, yet giving reassurance that your heart remains, that this parting, although short, is not the end.
    Beautiful essay as always x

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