In voyage, the quiescent guardian – before rampart, as stand these towering bastions of English shore. We sail in delivery, a restitution of endurance, in refuge from pernicious storm.

Come tide in surge with rolling billow – this deference of recompense, placid in repose. Now returned, gilt with fondness, the sanctity of faithful reverence – a legion without grail.

What price the blood of man? – In martyrdom, the reversion of the subjugated, with heart lost and given to sin. As those who rest, haunted yet haunting, without redemption and yet given to fire. Who shall call their name, who will remember?

This longing as soon in gladness, yet still with burden kept. Cursed this memory, these deeds and changing heart, I plead the clemency of grace.

In whispers now, beyond the fallen, on summer breeze with crush of blooming rose. Near thy love, as beats this heart with fervent charge, the rapture of salvation. Your pulchritude, a vision of glory, your courage embattled and yet unbroken.

My conscience, as vested in you – your forgiveness, the light. You are purity, without corruption, the defender of all dreams.

These lanes upon peregrination, as pastures green of nation kept. In tread, as march upon meander, my thoughts again adrift – as closer my heart to thee.

And come arrival – the smoke and thatch as when I left, while cherry blossom break free. I tread once more the joy of being and hail in greeting, your grace. – Your loving arms and warm embrace, your touch so warm and tender.

Awash, in tears, swept by hunger and lost to the union of souls – two halves become whole. As comes the night, day will follow and time with love shall bring – with tears, your touch, these moments, this time, my heart – healed!

I shall not bow before the recrudescence of hate but by this sword protect. You are my home, my church and to you, I give worship.

As gone all trespass and upon this soil – in return of holy England!

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12 Responses to Return

  1. Andrew,
    A very full and passionate poem, brimming with thoughts of ‘the green and pleasant land.’ I imagine it covers many journeys of the heart, the soul and the mind. Yet, whatever the necessity to stray away; one is happiest when back into the arms which make one feel wanted and safe upon the soil of choice.
    I could imagine your words working very well Andrew with a resounding piece of classical music:)

  2. blossombee68 says:

    Once again I’m lost for words Andrew. That is such a beautiful description of returning home and falling in the arms of the one you love. This essay is terrific and as I said before your are getting better and better by the blog 🙂 Hard to imagine, I know, as your level was already very high right from the beginning 😉

  3. nikki says:

    I feel warm memories and yet an unease,almost nervousness of memories past.It is a beautifully written essay with a wonderful description of the place you love.Like all your other essays’, you follow the words and you are right there inside the story x

    • avbarber says:

      Thank you for your words Nikki, you have certainly touched on the essay’s nerve and are within its essence. As always, your words are wonderfully kind, thank you 🙂

  4. I too have trod your footsteps upon the green. Where once you stood, the echo of love remains, drawing me to times past and hence forth to times renewed. With blood spent your desires shall be rewarded with the patience of my ardent body and utter relinquishment of my soul. The fire in my belly burns deep with anticipation of the two halves being returned to one.
    Exquisite Pan!

    • avbarber says:

      This journey, as it began with a voyage and great trepidation, ends with the reassurance of security and a reaffirmation of all held dear. Thank you Wendy, I can picture your journey from your wonderful comments and as usual, my enthusiasm for Lion Hearts is fuelled 🙂

  5. Marina says:

    “Haunting guardian of rolling fondness; a vested crush; the burden meanders at your touch. I am awash with sword and soil.”
    The knight is home.

    Another poignant and intensely moving piece, Andrew. Thank you and welcome back to England.

  6. Caroline says:

    Hello Andrew—thank you for sharing your wonderfully evocative, home-coming essay. I hope the ‘joy of being and hail in greeting’ is on-going and glorious! I am intrigued by your choice of words in many of your essays–several are unfamiliar to me; words like ‘pulchritude,’ ‘peregrination’ and ‘recrudescence.’ Are they words that you have at your fingertips, or have you specifically researched a more ancient dialogue?
    This is the line I particularly enjoy: ‘And come arrival–the smoke and thatch as when I left, while cherry blossom break free.’ I love the imagery this conjures up. Having recently returned home after several years living abroad, the picture leaps out to hug me! 🙂

    • avbarber says:

      Hi Caroline, some of these words are at my fingertips, others are researched – often painstakingly over hours 😀 I am glad you like my work and love that you found a connection – thank you 🙂

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