You are Woman

With burnished visage, florid in samite and lost to the tides of preconception, you shine in lambent glow. But of this silhouette, an illusion – with the symmetry of breath and an ever beating heart – you are set to a performance in smiling façade and lost to the show.

For I know you and not this shadow, in sobriety wandering, with shift of illumination to the reality of life. Shall we dance, but naked in verity and without shame, aside from sobriquet and in thy name? Or to the embers of yesterday will go.

And in that name, this title and these letters – you would cast aside the moment and be servant to its form. For you are not in a name and do not live by its label but merely answer to its call.

In employment of time and by vocation, you are driven by duty and given to the pursuit of merit. Industrious you rise, tireless to challenge with vision set to succeed. But in the commitment of contract comes burden of instance not reflection of self and you are not found in tasks.

Bound by consummation and given to its covenant, you are bride, partner and consort. But the condition of the heart rests only the position of choice with conclusion. Love does not determine us but is determined by us and set so.

As shades made silver by lengthening thread, we lament the passing of years. With the turn of seasons, and passing flow, your elegance is crafted by wisdom, less beauty – but age is a condition of body and not an attachment to soul.

Without title, in ignorance of duty and oblivious to age we may call thee, for in knowing that which you are not, we may count all that you are, calling each by name.

You are unique, the progenitor of all that will be and the origin of all that has passed. Virtuous and given to avocation, you are embellished by feeling and charged with the duty of life.

As the sun to the moon, and the stars to the night sky, you belong – and in blaze you bring splendour. With fair complexion and vivacious spirit, you are the beacon, the summer breath, the calm that shall end the storm.

You are the empty page and the words to be written, you are the strength from history of old. You are the glory of ages and the joy a newborn, you are a story that longs to be told.

You are woman!

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17 Responses to You are Woman

  1. Manuela, the Rose ;-) says:

    Once more I’m lost for words, dear Andrew. The words you use to describe the lady of your heart are beyond believe. Thank you once again for your stunning work and for sharing it with us 🙂

  2. nickysilk says:

    As beautiful as your other work that I have read. Your words are mesmerising and powerful.

  3. But from this façade, someday she shall rise. That ancientness of spirit, forged in history and a promise cemented in a kiss. For she has two paths both old and new, lost not broken and reliant on his breath. She is the essence of her man.
    Heartfelt – as always! Thank you Pan!
    Wendy xx

  4. Anne Glenn says:

    This is wonderfully worded, Andrew, making it a joy to read over and over again.

  5. Barbie says:

    Beautifully worded! Can’t wait to read more….

  6. nikki says:

    My heart was beating to each and every word ,you can write anything and the reader will want more ,it’s very rare i’m short for words…. I love it xx

  7. Marina says:

    Moonbeams as Over Lords chase away dreams; tiny pebbles call for attention in the soul of long riding boots while winter capes the garden round—-and all the while Sir Galahad seeks eternal for the grail—and finds it through the fog of acceptance; the hand of Joseph of Arimathea standing proud. He looks to the side and sees, at last—Alfred Lord Tennyson blowing his words across the ages, scattering snowflake secrets to reveal the truth of that Bold Knight of Old.

  8. Marina says:

    You are very welcome, Sir Galahad. And now to the cupboard under the stairs that is calling for my attention–messy! Disembowelled across my sitting room carpet, ordering me to close my laptop NOW! :))

  9. Maya Lang says:

    Loved it! You surely have a way with words. More power to you and your book! Happy Holidays!!

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