A Knights Crusade

My love,

I count in threads, the sorrow, the blaze and the glory of thy splendour, and feel all three. For my love shall be lost to the divulgence of innuendo and be cast to fury.

That you are caged by covenant in that which was, and with no weight to change circumstance – gives warrant to injustice. I shall not be your harlequin, but you will always be Aphrodite.

I live now in the ashes of that time passed, the lustre of an instance lost to the alacrity of grief and spared only by a memory.

The ties that bind cannot be drawn to parchment, forged to metal or be given to a word but that which is real, will find a way. And in that way, and of that memory, in convergence and safe from anguish, comes the arousal of a moment.

I gild each moment, softly unto the next and onward to the whispered tones of morning. The murmur of thought swells to imagination in flood of your countenance and I am lost to its tide.

In taste of fragrance and the sensuality of touch, beneath the taffeta of saffron and defined by form, I feel you. In surge and heave, drawn from breathless whispers and lost to blaze, we become one.

In the hushed tone of a promise once made, by the argent light of the fullest moon, I beseech that you come to me. This is my crusade, you are my grail and I would drink from thee time and again, and never grow old.

The sun now comes and my words soon to your eyes shall be. I will wait but three turns of a day and then be gone – for it is better to serve the lion and be lost to the sword than die of a broken heart.

Your Servant

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12 Responses to A Knights Crusade

  1. Manuela, the Rose ;-) says:

    Dear Andrew, your latest blog is just stunning and leaves me both: breathless and speechless! 🙂 Such a wonderful love letter! Thank you for sharing your words with us 🙂

  2. Anne Glenn says:

    Andrew, you truly posses a gift for expressing in words what the heart feels. The letter blessed my life. Thank you.

  3. Oh my – And the words were spoken of the knight and the words received – both in understanding and desire and imprinted on the heart.of that who knows, never to be forgotten. Once again Pan – you have reached debths of words that pierce me where I lie! Thank you for your gift. Tears have flowed. – Wendy

    • avbarber says:

      I believe your comment to be an equal in poetic value to the prose themselves. As always, you have gone beyond reading – you have felt the words and their meaning. thank you Maree – a thousand times, thank you

  4. nikki says:

    To read your words and have them touch you,is purely amazing.For you to write these words,is a talent of brilliance x

  5. for it is better to serve the lion and be lost to the sword than die of a broken heart. – Such a heart-stoppingly beautiful and touching line. You never cease to capture my imagination. I can imagine the Knight’s sorrow as he goes off to fight for his country…..pure brilliance, Andrew.

  6. Kene D. says:

    “This is my crusade, you are my grail and I would drink from thee time and again, and never grow old.” That line alone just does it for me. Your writing is top notch and vivid. I can imagine every word in my minds eye as I read along line by line taken aback by the level of artistry you deploy.

    This is LightBulbHead. Once again, keep up the great work. You are awesome.

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