I Dream of Dulcinea

There amidst the shadows, where night does follow, insidious in malevolent pursuit – my darkness breathes. For in the light and half light, before the darkness but after the break of dusk – she calls my name.

I go now to that place once more – beyond the sun and before the dawn. Lead by whispers and blind to that which surrounds me.

Cut loose and drifting, in tides, I am carried upon the ebb of sallow tones while crossing, until I float amidst ashen skies. I soar, bound by sapphire, then plunge in crashing descent, as would an eagle when to its prey.

And still she calls, my Dulcinea, this fairest lady who would my heart do plunder. Her voice is as silk, hand woven and from the finest thread, her touch as tender as spring.

In quest I venture, crossing wide plains of olive meadow, pierced with golden stars and buds of cotton. I pass mercurial glides reflecting rainbow to the heavens, and to the horizon, a hem of quilted peaks, each unique and yet the same.

My heart beats with the rhythm of marching feet as in rise of malevolence, beyond the living and before the dead, comes the malicious stench of evil. Here my lady waits for me, her cries whispered to the heat of Wyvern breath.

Gnarled boughs, withered and broken, stretch in hindrance and restrain … And within their crowd, my love – lost to hope and spirit gone, shackled to endurance and pallid in refrain.

In final charge as now I tilt, in honour of her name, in chivalry with bursting heart, to end the shadows reign.

Now ends this quest, two souls entwined, lost to time and freed by the joy of coupled hearts.

The skies sink to obsidian shades while burned from dragon’s kiss – and then gone.

Dim the light in morning pale as gone the night and dreams.

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16 Responses to I Dream of Dulcinea

  1. Manuela, the Rose ;-) says:

    Indeed, you are a master of words, Andrew 🙂 You’re painting a wonderful picture with these words and each and every shade of the rainbow is included. Enjoyed that blog very much – and please carry on dreaming!

  2. nikki says:

    Beautifully written,you take yourself in the moment and almost feel like you were there, keep those moments Andrew , more and more people would love to read them x

  3. As always, you have managed to capture the essence of dreams & connections of the heart. You are a wordsmith amongst men Pan. Keep the prose flowing! xx Wendy

  4. Marie Whitney says:

    Very beautiful, sad and a little scary. You painted such a vivid picture. Lovely work Andrew.

  5. Ace Arcanum says:

    I have heard of that name from Miguel de Cervantes’s “Don Quixote.” From which story does Dulcinea come from, again?

    • avbarber says:

      Dulcinea was the name Don Quixote gave to farm girl (without her knowing) in making her his “Lady Love” – in this way she is not actually a real person. She appears in “The First Sally” – not sure if also else where

  6. Wow, I had a lump in my throat whilst reading this. It truly is beautiful as I imagined it would be after reading that one line you quoted earlier when I posted the photo. Breath taking.

  7. Adele Robinson says:

    A brilliant piece of writing ..colorful, descriptive, emotive and yet sublime…thank you for sharing this wonderful creation with us…I look forward to reading many more. Simply splendid.

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