Shall I give myself to words, for there are none that would seek to wound? It is not words that bring pain but the intent with which they are used.

With voice I may speak but without words am unheard, lost and left to float without tether in a world filled with white page. But a voice carries only the message; it is words that provide a window to the soul.

When I write, my words flow with a burning passion, leaving me bare and abandoned to those who would read my lines. My words are from my heart – free from the pollution of mindful endeavour, genuine and sincere.

With flourish and invention, words may stimulate, educate and inform. I am surrounded by those things that I would wish to know and through words I may become more.

Words are without ambition; they are bereft of thought and give no time to agenda. It is not words that steal from love or strive to fuel the misdeeds of man – this is human nature.

Words are the life blood of verse! With the drumming, rhythmical flow of a heart beat I may flood the air with my dreams and immerse the world in all that I was, am and shall be.

Let this dam be broken and with it let rise a flood of emotion and thought from an ocean raging with storm.

I have embraced words and now give myself to the page. Read of me through those things that I write and know I have given you who that I am and would always wish to be.

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6 Responses to Words

  1. Manuela, the Rose ;-) says:

    Be proud of your amazing work, Andrew! With your wonderful writing you are making a difference – you make it a better world!

  2. Gosh….’It is not words that bring pain but the intent with which they are used’ I LOVE this line. So very true.

  3. blossombee68 says:

    Reblogged this on blossombee68 and commented:
    Andrew Barber is a master of poetry and words – and above all: a good friend 🙂

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