My name is Andrew Barber and I am an insomniac!

As a tired sun melts into an endless horizon and Azure skies are lost to fire – the fall of darkness brings peace to the noise of daily life. If only peace were enough to bring the relief of sleep.

I have seen the sun rise before my eyes have closed; the dawn chorus is my lullaby and not my morning call to rise. Were I a farmer I would milk the cows before going to my bed and breakfast is best served at noon.

Each night, the house and I, we talk. For the creek of a door and even the shrinking floor, all have voice. I turn and turn again, but the bed, once so soft, is now of rock – hard beneath my skin!

Softly and in whispers – the wind beckons to those who would defy darkness and pierce this empty place with their tired and worn presence. And what banshee is this, with wail to pierce the shadow and shatter my every nerve – A fox, or maybe an owl?

It is dark and all now sleep as thoughts muster then flow with ebbing tide, unbroken and without mercy- as images cast in haze manifest to fill my mind.

There is no peace in this darkness, only the birth of creative thought, forced out by a restless mind. I do not sleep to dream, but dream of sleep – for to be lost to the wonders of a single moment away from this madness would be to know freedom.

What daemon is this, who casts long its shape upon my wall, and why does it dance so? With morning you shall be gone, lost to the light.

My name is Andrew Barber and I am an insomniac!

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7 Responses to Insomnia

  1. That sounds like a nightmare! I fall asleep within 10 seconds, so I can’t imagine laying in the bed, hearing everything and not being able to go sleep for hours and hours! Oh my goodness!

    • avbarber says:

      It is very frustrating and the longer it lasts the more frustrated you become! Of course the frustration merely adds to the problem 😦

  2. Sonia Smith says:

    I actually have had insomnia. At one time in my life I tried drinking tea, alcohol, going to bed later. It is a nightmare. It always happened on a night when I had to get up the next morning to go to work. I would lie for hours and think of things to dream, good things in hopes that I would fall asleep. Dream to sleep. Suddenly, it stopped. There is hope! I could really relate to this. Brought back my memories of my insomnia.

    • avbarber says:

      Thank you Sonia, very kind of you – I am glad you enjoyed the piece! Insomnia is a total nightmare (excuse the pun) 🙂

      • Sonia Smith says:

        I feel your pain (pun excused). Insomnia is a nightmare. Counting hours until you have to get up. I used to get a thumping headache eventually. Every night when I go to sleep I think of something happy or something I enjoy and that seems to help.

      • avbarber says:

        I’ll give it a try – thank you 🙂 As for the headache – yep, have one right now 😀

      • Sonia Smith says:

        Have a good night. good luck and sweet dreams 🙂

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