I’M a Bit of a Tweet

Social media, shall we call it “blog space”, exists somewhere outside of the tangible realms of the everyday world we normally occupy. In this realm of cyber existence anything is possible and here I travel, but never alone. Expression can be cast to the four corners of the globe and a whisper can grow to a crescendo of a billion voices, there are simply no boundaries.

And with time, I have come to appreciate the finer points of this brave new world. As an aspiring writer and poet, I have been provided with a platform from which I can share my works and express ideals. This is a place from which I can lend a little of my heart using all the words and passion I so desire.

Often, myself and other visitors cross paths in this intangible space between reality and beyond. In time a familiarity has grown, even friendships. We are like a billion tiny voices screaming into the night, hoping that for just a second our voice, one voice, will be heard.

Messages appear on the twitter home page by the dozen and with no regimented order. Like snowflakes caught on a strengthening wind, they gather and fill your screen, leaving you to find your own meaning. In hope, more than in expectation, your own voice is added and for just a moment you seek some sign that you are more than just another line on the page.

Hour after hour, day after day, time is lost to this insane clamber for some recognition above all others and all in the name of expression. But surely that is the point? Without a platform to be all we can be, without the means to spread our word, who are we but slaves to our own lives. Ideas and creativity can so easily be wasted and their articulation brings hope. Social media has given us the broadest possible canvas to paint a better world, but it must be used well!

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7 Responses to I’M a Bit of a Tweet

  1. Hey Andrew – I completely agree. In fact I wrote about social media and gauging our ‘influence’ (who do we really want to influence? we need to pay attention to that ) in a post called No Klout About it on my blog. Hope you’ll take a peek. Nice to have met you in the vast Twitterverse!

  2. Perfect way to say it….”Like snowflakes caught on a strengthening wind”

    Of course, snowflakes are my favorite! I’ll have to show you how to have a snowball fight on Twitter this winter. I created a snowball super shooter LOL Yeah, I love Twitter!

  3. Caroline Acworth says:

    Dear Andrew,
    Thank you for your insightful and thought-provoking passage about the social media phenomenon, something that interests me as I work within an holistic and less modern approach to education. The relatively new need for ‘recognition-as-separate-from-the-herd’ must be part of our human evolvement; an interesting phenomenon in itself. The modern indavidual clamours for a separate platform, not realizing that the social media community renders him/her an even smaller part of the whole. Like everything in life it has its merits, for sure, and the creative voice appreciated and honoured is a wonderful entity in itself. My teenage son tells me his age-group air their deepest feelings more easily on screen than during direct communication; body language and physical emotion is rendered nul and void. I think he may be right. Is this a good thing? Better to air one’s feelings on screen than to deny their purpose. But as I serve soup to thirty folk three times a week, and sing seasonal songs to celebrate and reverence life’s magic I realize that this is what matters most; direct contact and community participation. Are we headed to cyber space community only? let’s hope not—-it is better than no community, but best when balanced within the warmth of physical, human contact. Nothing replaces the moment when hands are taken, emotions shared and smiles exchanged. One can always tweet about it afterwards! :))

  4. blossombee68 says:

    Seems I’ve missed this earlier blog – sorry Andrew! 😉
    Some months ago a knew next to nothing about social media. To me this new cyber world seemed dangerous, faceless and unfamiliar. I then took a deeper look and it suddenly becam familiar and the people I met were friendly and some of them became even friends 🙂
    Isn’t it amazing that we can connect with someone from the other side of the globe? Someone we had never ever met in ‘real life’? The world has never been closer and every tweet can make a difference 🙂 But still we must remain responsible users and use Twitter Land well!

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