Change up

Just when I thought I would be struggling to find a subject for this week’s blog, along came the movie “Change Up”.

This is one of those DVD’s you pick up in the supermarket on a Friday night while doing the weekly grocery shopping… you know the kind, cheap, cheerful but just about enough to entertain.  According to the back cover, two friends get drunk and in a rage of envy, wish to swap places.

So with few expectations beyond being lightly entertained, I hit the play button and sat back to enjoy a remake of a classic family film. I guess within a few minutes I realised there were to be a few unexpected twists… the kind of twists that should only be visible when those watching are over the age of 18 and pretty broad minded.

At first this seems to be a film looking for a genre as it gropes for a spot somewhere between “American Pie” and “Big”… But given time, and looking past the slightly gratuitous bad language and frequent nudity, a story does emerge and with it a message of some importance.

Some time ago, while writing a chapter for my book, “Me, My World and I” I wrote a poem entitled “The Grass is Greener”. Although somewhat cliché and extremely tongue in cheek, the message was clear, we are all guilty of wishing we could swap our lives for something better. The poem and subsequent chapter forced me to look at my own life and to realise that for all the veneer painted on the surface of those we consider “better off”, nobody is without baggage.

For all the window dressing and soft porn pretence of “Change Up” there is a serious message. When reviewing movies I often use the word “predictable” so perhaps the direction the film took allowed me to become more focused. Perhaps in not being served with what I had expected to see on my plate allowed me to view with a more open mind. This film did make me laugh, it also made me cringe but most of all it left me feeling wiser.

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