As one Chapter Closes

As one chapter closes, so another must open. They say a writer is only as good as their latest book and I have worked hard to make sure mine is the best it can be.

As “Me, My World and I” comes to the end of its development phase and with the final submission of approved and edited content all but complete, it is time to look to things anew.

I actually began work on “Postcards” back in July with a 4500 kilometre dash around Germany. For 10 days my family and I bounced from border to border, pausing only for a moment to breathe. This is a project that maintains much of my familiar style. I will still be combining poetry with prose and again using Decor-Art to toss in a broad variety of black and white art.

“Me, My World and I” is a biographical and somewhat opinionated view of “real life”. Often belligerent, its lines twist and turn from page to page as it draws you in, grabs you by the throat and demands you have an opinion.

“Postcards” by contrast, is more travel writing than a political or social review. I still can’t resist the odd dig at those who would drive our world into a beaten state of politically correct submission. But mostly this is a travel book about the near and about the far.

The project is in its early stages but hopefully will be ready for Christmas 2013. I am also working on a collaborative project, “Black and White” with award winning poet, Kelvin Fowler. But this is still very much in the early days of discussion and won’t be completed until sometime in 2014.

So having brought you all completely up to date and broken the promise from my first blog to not talk about my work, I will sign off… Remember, everything has its time.

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