My First Blog

Apparently, these days, it is essential for a writer to keep a blog. For me this seems a little like a mechanic filling their spare time working on cars, but never let it be said that I don’t listen to my publicist, so here I am.

Just how hard can it be, a few words to fill some white space and “Bob’s your uncle”? Well I don’t have an uncle Bob and despite having just completed an entire book, which frankly consisted of more than just a few words, I still find myself gazing at an empty screen with a heart filled with dread.

You see, this is the start of something that cannot then be ended. It’s like keeping a diary, it seems like a good idea at first but before you know where you are, you have become a slave to it’s constant maintenance.

There are so many things to be considered, like choosing a subject and trying to be original while ensuring your pearls of wisdom will entertain even the most critical of minds. There are so many blogs already out there, well established with a good following, so does the world even need my humble scribblings and if so why?

I can hear a voice screaming from somewhere inside, “will anybody ever read this” and “do I really want the hassle of yet more responsibility”, but the publicist knows best and I aim to please so a blog she wants, a blog she will get.

I read recently that writers should avoid, at all cost, writing about their latest projects, although to the contrary many authors do. Apparently it is not deemed as being at all entertaining to read how chapter 5 has become a struggle or how the editor wants to cut the final two paragraphs from the latest submission. Well this, at least, is a welcome beacon of light in an otherwise dimly lit room, as frankly I find myself weighed down enough with the heavy routine of being a poet and an author without having also to write about it.

So what should be the subject of my weekly brain dump, perhaps a diatribe of the latest current affairs or a humorously entertaining peek at the latest calamity to befall my life? After all moaning about the state of the planet while laughing at myself are perhaps the two things I do best?

Given that my poetry and associated prose tend to be directed toward a specific subject of interest, I guess these lines will ultimately follow suit. In any case, if this first entry is anything to go by, it is easy enough to fill white space relatively quickly without really saying anything of consequence at all.

With this in mind, I now perhaps find myself more willing to accept the advice of a friend, flippantly offered shortly before sitting at my desk to sculpt this masterpiece in literature, as being the best possible approach to writing a blog. In short, I am told that the best foot forward is to pay little to no attention to depth while giving no concern at all to things such as quality, punctuation, grammar or anything else that makes text worth reading in the first place. Of course my friend, who understandably wishes to remain anonymous, was simply referring to the idea that crafting a blog once or twice a week while also writing a book, is simply too much of a strain and to that end feels that as a platform, this new venture should be more raw brain dump than quality prose.

Well we will see soon enough as I am sure that my next blog will suitably reflect some sort of direction. For now I am signing off while thanking you all for your time. Take care and lets meet up again soon.

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One Response to My First Blog

  1. heh-heh … you have been liked and read … all downhill from here! heh-heh 🙂

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